Make-up and styling are great passions in my life. Creating something beautiful for people to enjoy gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness.

I have worked extensively within the film and television industry as well as in commercial fashion, editorial and product advertising. I also have much experience off screen, working behind the scenes in theater and touring circus performances. Sometimes I also do make up and body art for the general public at festivals or for private parties and events.

Over the last few years, I have been working within the wedding industry, creating beautifully subtle “natural” make-up for brides and their bridesmaids, to help them shine on such a special day. To be a part of the event and to make the bride blossom in confidence and beauty is really dear to my heart and so incredibly rewarding.

Personally, I gather inspiration from many era’s, from the Romantics and the pre-Raphaelites through to Surrealism and the Mythical. I love to create unique and bespoke make-up and styling on individual clients shoots, weaving beauty and glamour with the fantastical. Each shoot is carefully tailored towards the individual’s brief or to the producer’s requirements.

I greatly enjoy bringing to life the visions of the the people i work with, whether for publishing media or for professional portfolios. I work in a very professional manner, and am a perfectionist at heart, bringing bountiful creativity and lateral thinking to any new project.


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